Chris Costa

Costa Ludus

Principle cellist with the La Jolla Symphony, Martine has 15 years experience teaching intermediate and advanced students.

Clint Smith

Thunder Ranch Oregon

Ernest is lead trumpet with the San Marcos Jazz Orchestra, and first-call pit musician for Los Angeles area stage productions.

John Chappman

Forge Tactical

Chris is tenured faculty at USC and winner of the Baldwin Award for piano performance.
Chris is accepting advanced students only.

Pat Rogers

EAG Tactical

Jay is the son of legendary jazz guitarist Howard Roberts.
Jay teaches both in-person and distance lessons.

Steve Fisher

Sentinel Concepts

Advisory board member Ozzie Wissle teaches advanced percussion.
Ozzie is travelling percussionist for West Coast Productions.

Tatiana Witlock

Training in Context

Australian Amy Dickson is winner of the prestgious "Bix Beiderbeck Award" for performance - 2018. Amy teaches distance lessons to advanced students.